Luggage is far too often overlooked, an afterthought that's not given the attention it deserves. But why not? After all, it has the potential to make or break a trip. Wheels with a mind of their own and frustratingly difficult to manoeuvre zips are the last things I want to have to deal with when setting off on an exciting adventure. Which is why I've decided to upgrade my luggage collection, swapping out boring and broken bags for ones that last the distance – and just so happen to look great. As I mostly take short-haul trips, I've started with a new cabin bag, specifically one from Floyd. Scroll on to learn more about Floyd and read my honest review of the brand's Cabin bag.

What's the story behind Floyd?

In the early 1970s, Los Angeles – and the Venice neighbourhood in particular – became the beating heart of an American cultural renaissance. For so long, surfing was at the root of the community, until the Southern Californian authorities cut down water supplies in the height of the summer and that inspired the same crowd to steer clear of the sea and surf on the concrete basins and empty swimming pools with their skateboards. When Cadillac Wheels introduced a new kind of polyurethane skateboard wheel in 1973, the Venice youth finally had the right equipment to take their casual surfing style to the streets. The new movement inspired a skateboarding revolution worldwide.

The impact was even felt in Bavaria, where two teenagers – Bernd Georgi and Horst Kern – spent their days skateboarding in the streets of their village. Although their skateboarding careers did not gain any real pace, the pair held onto their dreams for an unconventional life and they both pursued careers in lifestyle fashion, founding their own company and producing high-quality accessories and luggage for major brands around the globe.

Fast forward 20 years and with Floyd, the pair have managed to distil that carefree skateboarding spirit and their experience in high-end luggage to return to their roots. Forming a new luggage brand that specialises in understated yet unconventional travel cases on wheels that are inspired and fuelled by the dreams of their teenage days.

Floyd review - Floyd Cabin

Each Floyd travel case is is available in three sizes. The Floyd Cabin, perfectly sized for carry-on luggage; the Floyd Check-In, a larger 61 litre volume suitcase that has plenty of space for a week away, and the Floyd Trunk, a  larger-than-life trunk case that's ideal for over-packers or particularly long trips away. I opted for the Cabin – ideal for short-haul trips, which I tend to make the most. I took it on its first trip flying from London to Dublin. Read on for my experience...

Floyd Cabin Bag

Reasons to buy

  • Comes with an in-built lock instead of tricky zips
  • Looks great - a range of colours to choose from
  • Helpful internal compartments, including zipped and mesh compartments

Things to note


    The Floyd travel cases are made of premium hard-shell polycarbonate that absorbs any external pressure, always maintaining its shape. When travelling to Dublin, I found the polycarbonate body to be extremely sturdy: it can take a bit of a battering, which is great, particularly when it's being moved around in the cabin.

    Not only is my new Floyd case a dream to travel with, but it also looks the part. There's an array of stylish colours to choose from, ranging from low-key neutrals to statement-making hues. I opted for the 'Vegas Green' colourway, which I absolutely love: it's neutral enough to match my more understated outfits, but it's easily identifiable in the airport or on a luggage carousel.

    Plus, each Floyd case comes with a super-durable and expandable aluminium handle to offer a number of easy carrying options. At first, I struggled to extend the handle the full way as it was a bit stiff, but once I got it the first time, it loosened up and I haven't had any trouble with it since.


    The obvious advantage of each Floyd travel case is its original polyurethane wheels that not only offer a smooth and comfortable ride but bring something new to the increasingly saturated luggage market. Having become accustomed to an old carry on case and its wheels that didn't work properly, using the Floyd Cabin was a breath of fresh air.

    I love the red colour of the wheels and will stick with them, but it's reassuring to know that if I ever feel like a change, I can swap them out for wheels of a different colour by simply ordering a new wheel set.


    As a serial overpacker, I was incredibly impressed with how easy it was to fit all my essentials for a week away inside the Floyd Cabin. I usually have to check a bag for a week's worth of travel, but the efficient interior made it a breeze to squeeze all my bits and bobs in (and even easier to find them, thanks to the helpful compartments).

    I love the contrasting bright orange interior, which offers a bold pop of colour and matches the bag's bright orange zip. The bag also comes with two internal dust bags that can be used for practically anything – I personally used the smaller of the two to store my dirty washing while travelling from place to place.

    My verdict

    Floyd travel cases not only stand-out for non-conforming colours and high-performing polyurethane wheels, but also for their dynamism. Ergonomic and easy-to-use, Floyd luggage promises smooth, fuss-free travel. From my experience, the Floyd Cabin is the ultimate perfect travel companion if you’re looking for a stylish and sturdy suitcase that will stand the test of time.

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