A lot of people instantly fall in love with Tala for how good its selection of home lighting looks. The few that don’t fall in love at first sight are swiftly converted when they learn more about the ingenuity, sustainability and ethics behind the brand that is considered to be one of the driving forces behind modern British design.

The London-based brand, which was founded by three University of Edinburgh classmates in 2013 has been quietly making a name for itself designing beautiful, functional LED lighting, a product founders Joshua Ward, Maxwell Wood, and William Symington settled on after dabbling in solar panels, which, they concluded, didn’t have enough of a human connection to make the kind of difference they envisioned.

Guided by the belief that beautiful objects and efficient technology belong together, Tala aims to accelerate the low carbon economy with thoughtful product design, LED technology and transparent practices. It’s a unique and all-wielding mission statement that actually works. Works in the way that they’re treading new ground and breaking design barriers like no one else in home lighting.

Discover it all for yourself by checking out a few of our favourite Tala bulbs and lights below.

Tala 1

Tala Oblo Walnut Touch Lamp

Since its formation in 2013, Tala has specialised in low-energy LED lighting that recreates the warm glow of traditional incandescent bulbs. Tala’s light bulbs use 90 per cent less energy than equivalent incandescent bulb and will last 10 to 15 times longer before needing to be replaced. That incredible energy-saving efficiency is delightfully wrapped up in the simple geometry of the Tala Oblo Touch Lamp. Versatile, tactile and built to last, the diminutive table lamp comprises of a mouth-blown glass bulb, a pure American walnut body and a smooth, solid brass base to switch between three different dimming levels.


Tala Walnut Gaia Touch Lamp

Like we said, Tala have gone some way in revitalising the light bulb and making us all reconsider what we previously thought was a great piece of home lighting. The Gaia Touch Lamp, a sculptural stone’s throw from the Oblo Touch Lamp, brings together two of Tala’s most popular products in one, ready to assemble set-up. The unique shape of the mouth-blown glass Voronoi I bulb meets the FSC-grade pure American Walnut Touch Lamp, with its turned brass base that houses the same three-step touch dimming control system as the Oblo. Easy to install, easy to move and easy to control the exacting light in your living room, it's the perfect complement to the small side table that sits beside your sofa.



Tala Brass Voronoi I Brass Ceiling Light

The Tala Voronoi – the type of light that immediately demands attention – is an engineering feat and a statement design in its own right. The perfect choice to hang clusters in multiples of three to create sculptural canopy in your interior. Especially when hung over a kitchen counter or dining table.


Tala Brass Elva Ceiling Light

One easy way of introducing a slice of industrial design into your home is through this Brass Elva Ceiling Light – as the sculpted, simplistic design is incredibly versatile as it brings a perfectly proportioned exposed Elva Lamp to the heart of this exposed design. Its linear formation is space-saving and easy to hang four lamps in a uniform row, allowing you to personalise it as you see fit. Plus, it emits a warm, amber glow that mimics the original effect of a dimly lit incandescent bulb.

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