You’d like a luxury estate and you also need to navigate some rough roads on the way to the Spanish villa. At design HQ in Stuttgart, Mercedes-Benz have heard you and this is their impressive answer. The E-Class All-Terrain lacks nothing in the way of comfort - air suspension smooths out the bumps, four wheel-drive takes care of those pesky dirt roads - and it’s good looking enough to be right at home outside your Soho penthouse, too.


Open the door - any door - to sumptuousness that’s a Mercedes trademark. Huge screens to the dash provide entertainment to front passenger and everything but Netflix to the driver. What Stuttgart’s finest call "Active Ambient Lighting" turns the interior - as far as we can see - into an upscale night club. There's 60+ mpg from the hybrid version along with a 130 mph top speed. A supercar for our times.

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