Price: £24,995 | Year: 1993 | Engine: Straight-six

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class, otherwise known as the G-Wagen, stands as one of the longest-produced vehicles in Daimler’s history, spanning 40 years. Although an intended replacement – the GL-Class – was introduced in 2006, the G-Wagen is still in production today. There’s good reason for it. 

Production of the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen began in 1979, but refinements have been made to the build over the years. The first major refinements came in 1981, including automatic transmission, air conditioning, auxiliary fuel tank, protective headlamp grilles and a cable winch. Since then, most adjustments have been aesthetic.

The unforgettably boxy silhouette of this Mercedes-Benz G300 is emphasised by pared-back metallic silver paintwork which contrasts with black trims and interior. A purposeful but spacious interior features original grey cloth upholstery and, our favourite feature, the wood trim that lines the dashboard, centre console, door panels and steering wheel.

Pop the bonnet of the Mercedes-Benz G300 to find a 3-litre M103 straight-six which combines with a four-speed automatic gearbox and three locking differentials. That means that this G-Wagen is more than capable when it comes to veering off the beaten track. 

It’s pretty difficult to make a Mercedes-Benz G300 look anything less than amazing, but this early example has everything that we look for in the G-Wagen. The minimal colour scheme and lack of added tints and the like means that all attention is drawn to the iconic shape and power of this machine.

Photography courtesy of 4 Star Classics.

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