The very fact that you’re reading this goes to show that your kitchen is not receiving the attention it so deserves, or its perhaps not looking its best. The problem is that you can't buy an entirely new one, you can't create an entirely new layout and you can't aimlessly follow trends to help decorate it. What you can do, though, is add a splash of colour, invest in a new appliance or introduce a piece of glassware to help bridge the gap from sterile and sleek to a warm and welcoming kitchen. To help you in this mission, we've pulled together a few of our favourite kitchenware essentials that will instantly improve your interior.

Menu Wine Breather

Menu’s aim is “to make the world better, less complicated and a little bit nicer to wake up to” and with this Wine Breather in your kitchen, it’s safe to say that they live up to that mission statement. Designed by Norm Architects and Peter Ørsig, the Wine Breather is not only the type of home accessory that you'll use a lot but its one that you'll actually enjoy using. Simply open a bottle of wine, place the Wine Breather over the bottleneck and flip it all upside down - the wine will run through the decanting unit and into the big surfaced carafe for perfect aeration. You also get to taste the advantages of a wine with 10 times the oxygen.

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Wilfa Silver Classic Coffee Maker

With coffee being the first thing on your mind in the morning, it’s important to have a system in place that produces a delicious tasting cup each and every time. That’s where Wilfa comes in. For over fifty years they’ve been innovating coffee design, and here is their latest project: The Silver Classic Coffee Maker. Essentially, good coffee has never been this intricate or easy; it’s a case of simply adding the desired amount of fresh ground coffee and water, pressing the button, and letting Wilfa do the rest for you. In less than five minutes, you will have one to ten cups of coffee ready to enjoy. It all just depends on how tired you're feeling.

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Raawi Orange Large Jug

Kitchens are usually difficult spaces to add colour, and more often than not it’s easy to fall victim to monochrome and neutral palettes. But Copenhagen based Raawi are keen to break the mould, and have created a collection of versatile ceramics that are all vivid in colour and simplistic by design. The Orange Large Jug, in particular, will inject a sought-after piece of Scandinavian flair and playfulness into any kitchen space.

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Puik Rare and Radiant Glass Set

Often it takes just one piece to transform your kitchen, and that piece is likely to be from Puik. The Amsterdam-based design studio have a keen eye for geometry, muted colour palettes and exceptional materials. Their Rare and Radiant Glass Set is handmade from mouth-blown crystal glass and set into a head-turning geometric design that will be a statement piece on any bar or dining table.

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Asemi Matsushiro-Yaki Cups

Asemi aims to preserve traditional craftsmanship by combining 400-year-old Japanese pottery techniques with clean, timeless design. Using traditional shapes with contemporary colour palettes, each cup is one of a kind due to its handmade nature and the ceramic drip which difffers from cup to cup.

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