Giving a whole new meaning to the requisite of a cabin in the woods; the Mororo House by Studio MK27.

Located 180 km from Sao Paulo, in a rich mountainous region of Brazil, the house is specially designed to combat the drastic low temperatures of which the region is infamous for.

Considered to create a wealth of internal spaces for when the cold weather strikes, exemplified by the cosy living room and enclosed bathhouse, the house is framed with an imposing skin of glass to ensure the stunning views can be appreciated at all times.

The house itself was lowered from its original viewpoint, and set amongst the midst of the beautiful forest of pine trees. A solution which made both ethical and aesthetical sense, as the building was designed to be surrounded by nature, creating an intimate relationship with inside and out.

Working to a strict budget, the initial premise of the project was to have a quick, easy and stress free construction, which of course the prestigious Studio MK27 meticulously achieved. The architect’s unearthed industrial solutions such as metal structures and steel frame walls to make it a robust, rugged house that not only fights the elements but also the extensive costs of more premium materials.

Externally, the entire glass façade at the back of the property flows supremely in to an opaque block- where the private rooms exist, seemingly the living room, bedrooms and services areas. Combining to create a simplistically stylish duality between the opaque living quarters and transparent stretch of glass that contains the heated pool and sauna.

Completing the elementary aesthetic of the structure, Studio MK27 Architects refined the design with an iconic hut-inspired, pitched roof with a complimenting wooden deck that connects the spaces to create a solarium to be enjoyed in the cherished summer months.

Across the living quarters of the opaque black square, the openings of the house were minimized and installed with sliding doors to exaggerate the integration of the inside and out.

Blending opulent living with a true escape to the country; Mororo House by Studio MK27 is the ultimate season long sanctuary.

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