A ‘multi-functional artist’, has become a phrase so overused that it no longer describes an artist who is naturally multi-functional. For instance, the description does not do justice to Doug Aitken – the artist and film maker who for twenty years has seen his work push the boundaries of photography, film, sound, sculpture, collage and art through immersive and perception-altering installations.

His multi-channel approach demonstrates the nature and structure of our evolving, ever-changing image-based contemporary condition. For his first mid-century survey in North America at MOCA’s Geffen Contemporary in Los Angeles, Aitken takes his profound knowledge of all the above disciplines and turns them into a wholly unique immersive aesthetic. Developed to display the ‘broad availability of images’ and the ‘vulnerability of individuals’, Aitken’s latest exhibition accounts for a definitive piece of 21st century design that shows the relentlessness of human, industrial, urban and environmental entropy.

Make sure you pay a visit to MOCA Geffen Contemporary in Los Angeles before the exhibition closes on the 15th January 2017.