Technology accessories. Even the words are boring. Unless you're Native Union. The world of Native Union is one of innovation and fashion. It begins with the simple realisation that we don't have to put up with so-so design, even as we continue learn to thrive in a new time, one where we rely on technology to make our lives more efficient and more joyful. Whether we're at work or at play, our gadgets quite simply define the everyday. So why not make technology accessories interesting? Why can't they be of the highest quality and the highest style? The Native Union concept is that everything from previously mundane cables to protective phone cases can be as beautiful to use as they are to look at. If joy is to be found in the small things, Native Union proves that, and then some. Read our Native Union review to discover how.


Igor Duc and John Brunner started Native Union after meeting at a co-working space in Hong Kong in 2009. Their conversation turned to how mundane many technology accessories were. Why wasn't there more innovation and imagination? An idea was born, one that has become a global quest to drive the ordinary out of your tech drawer. Native Union is all about simplicity and style. At Opumo we could not be more delighted to announce that Native Union's latest ranges are now available here. But what's the inside story on their products?


The Native Union difference is immediately obvious. There is a quiet delight to these pieces, one that comes from a careful choice of materials to ensure that every product is about not just the passion of the designers, but the highest possible quality too. Look out for leather straps securing nylon braided cables, for example, the sort of functional detail that would have pleased the originators of the Bauhaus. Look out, too, for leather detailing which not only enhances and strengthens laptop and tablet cases, but complements your everyday fashion. 


The beginnings are on the drawing board. There's always a focus on the next goal, always taking forward the Native Union focus on considered details. Every piece has to justify its design, one that must be beyond mere seasonality. Craftsmanship is key. Every Native Union product is tested in real life conditions, to ensure that it'll be with you in the toughest parts of the urban jungle and emerge looking as fresh and fashionable as when you bought it.


Native Union is nothing short of a technology revolution. This isn't a company casually adding an attractive look to a laptop or a phone case. The Native Union way is to start again: and to make sure that every time you use one of their pieces you'll experience that same sense of quiet delight. Like a great pair of shoes, Native Union products simply get better as time goes on. Technology accessories have never been so interesting.

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