There was a time when artificial intelligence was confined to the wilder margins of science fiction, either in print or on film. No longer. Meet the latest proof: the Hive View, a sleek piece of design that's also a hi-tech protector of all that you hold precious.

This stylish little gadget will live stream in high definition from inside your home to your smart phone. You might say it takes the old idea of CCTV to a whole new level. Its makers, Hive Connected Home, say the Hive View will only begin streaming - and recording - once human movement is detected. Its software is said to be able to discriminate between pets and people, while inbuilt night vision means the Hive View is on duty, when required, at all hours.


The key to its appeal may be in how the Hive View looks. The cameras can be easily taken off their mounts - and they're available in two attractive colour ways.

The Hive View was conceived by the eclectic Swiss designer and entrepreneur Yves Behar. Behar's work has long focused on how the newest technology can augment and improve our lives. Behar was a pioneer in wearable health trackers with his designs for Jawbone and has since collaborated with Samsung to produce The Frame, a smart TV which displays works of art when not in use.

With the Hive View, Behar has done something unlikely. He's made home security stylish. We salute him for that.


For further information, head to the Hive website.