A rug isn't often the first thing one thinks about when it comes to redecorating a living space. It is far too often an afterthought, overlooked in favour of such interior additions as sofas and dining tables, artworks and lighting. But Nordic Knots is working to change this. The Swedish rug atelier, founded by Fabian Berglund, his wife Liza Laserow and his brother Felix, is on a mission to restore glory to the humble rug. Having grown up in Sweden, the family of founders knows the value of a good rug, which they profess is "the mark and heart of every beautiful Swedish home".

Since its inception in 2016, Nordic Knots has made a name for itself as a go-to for high quality handcrafted rugs that epitomise the Scandinavian sensibilities of elegantly understated design and meticulous attention to detail. A rug is an investment, so before you go make any rash purchases, scroll on for our Nordic Knots review, which details everything you need to know about the sustainable interior brand's beloved rugs.


Founded upon the Scandinavian tradition of minimalist and functional design, Nordic Knots looks to influences within nature – light, colours and landscape – to inform a distinctly Nordic aesthetic. From the Fjord rug, which is inspired by the Norweigan coastline and its estimated 1,200 fjords, to the Archipelago rug, whose design recalls a bird's eye view of the islands in the Stockholm archipelago – there are undeniable references to the natural beauty of Scandinavia.

Other aesthetic influences range from early 20th century Swedish design to traditional Nordic nomadic tattoos – always tastefully executed harnessing organic shapes, clean lines and neutral, versatile colours. If you're not quite sure about how the colour or texture of your rug of choice will suit the rest of your decor, Nordic Knots allows you to order a sample before you make your purchase, so you can see it and feel it in your home.


The main thing you should know about Nordic Knots' rugs is the fact that they're made to last a lifetime. Each style of rug is made in small batches, using high quality New Zealand wool or natural jute for ultimate durability and a beautiful textured feel underfoot.

All of Nordic Knots' rugs are designed in Stockholm and handmade by highly skilled and experienced weavers in Bhadohi, India. The brand is a member of GoodWeave, an organisation for rug producers that seeks to eradicate child labour and offers educational opportunities to children in carpet weaving communities around the world. In an era of dubiously-made clothing and homewares, this level of transparency and commitment to ethical craftsmanship makes for a purchase that you can feel good about.

Our verdict

If you're looking for a made-to-last minimalist rug that will complement rather than overpower your interiors, Nordic Knots should be your go-to. Prices are on the slightly pricier side but certainly accessible, and a rug that's guaranteed to stand the test is a rarity these days, so it's worth it in our opinion.

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