You definitely know Oliver Cabell for its sneakers — ethically made, contemporary yet timeless in style — and you may even be familiar with its elegantly understated jewellery collection — but now the US brand has gone and added one more notch to its belt. Championing the sustainable ethos that it's known for, Oliver Cabell has channelled its commitment to ethical manufacturing into a range of cotton clothing staples that are all about offering ultimate comfort.

The range comprises classic tees, hoodies, sweatshirts and sweatpants that are understated and ultra-versatile, cut in timeless silhouettes with minimal detailing for effortless year-round wear. These are pieces that will serve you well for the gym, a lazy Sunday at home or even a casual out-and-about look, smartened up with a denim jacket and minimalist trainers.

In typical Oliver Cabell fashion, each item from the new clothing range is made to stand the test of time — both in terms of their timeless style and durable construction. Whether you're a long-time Oliver Cabell fan or new to the brand, you'll want to do your wardrobe a favour and fill it with these OC essentials.

Discover the Oliver Cabell clothing collection.