Time to shine. You may know Oliver Cabell for their ranges of perfectly judged sneakers, ethically made, fairly priced, designed to be long lasting. All of these admirable attributes can now be applied to Oliver Cabell's jewellery for men. These are signature pieces conceived to be with you for life: beyond seasonal fashion and embracing fair trade principles, all while offering supreme value by dealing direct with jewellers themselves.

Personal jewellery is highly individual. The Oliver Cabell jewellery for men range recognises that with a carefully selected collection of classic designs that will slip with ease into your every day, whatever the occasion, while adding distinct flair to your style. The Oliver Cabell way is to work directly with those who create their pieces, among them selected Italian jewellers, long established in this expert work. This direct link means not only lower mark-ups on final prices but more importantly clear and direct control of quality and materials.

All of this is in line with the ethos of Oliver Cabell founder Scott Gabrielson and his insistence on "balanced design and quality products" in all the ranges that carry the brand's name.

Whether your choice is a silver compass pendant, a subtle Cuban gold bracelet or an essential Oliver Cabell cord bracelet, you can be assured that all materials have been ethically sourced by the company themselves and that all crafting is in fair and equitable conditions. Direct contact with makers and those who supply raw materials has a double benefit: quality is higher while retail pricing is lower. What's not to love?

Learn more at olivercabell.com.