Scott Gabrielson's contemporary-minded Oliver Cabell range is one of our favourite new sneaker brands to have made its mark on the world of men’s footwear. The American brand’s detailed, yet incredibly minimal styling is a truly luxurious take on what sneaker should be. Formerly dedicated to producing small leather accessories, Oliver Cabell has switched up its focus and sole objective to ‘revolutionise’ the sneaker. It’s a bold mission statement that has inspired a contemporary and understated sneaker offering which also comes with a pretty price point – around £125 for each pair of men's sneakers.

However, in order to get the best out of your pair of Oliver Cabell sneakers, it is crucial that you understand how they fit. And thankfully, Oliver Cabell fits true to size, which makes the whole process relatively easy.

Buying your pair of Oliver Cabell sneakers at OPUMO is made even easier, as the sizing conversions are listed beneath each Oliver Cabell sneaker under the ‘Size Guide’ drop down menu. There, you will see that we use standard UK sizes along with a conversion chart that displays US, EU, Japanese and even the CM measurement of each sneaker.

There are also no half sizes in the Oliver Cabell collection so we advise going a half size up if you usually wear a half size. For instance, if you usually wear a UK 9.5, buy a UK 10.

Safe in the knowledge that Oliver Cabell fit true to size, you can shop the latest Oliver Cabell collection online at OPUMO.

Key points to consider:

  • Oliver Cabell sneakers fit true to size
  • Oliver Cabell sneakers are only available in full sizes. If you normally wear a half size, buy a pair half a size larger.

Shop the latest Oliver Cabell collection.

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