Thanks to OPUMOxPatch, our collaboration with Patch, we've been thinking a lot about plants lately. In particular, we've been thinking about how closely related they are to our favourite pieces of art.

Art throughout the ages has been heavily inspired by the natural world. Since primitive cave drawings of animals, art has been a form of documentation and a way of understanding the natural world around us in different ways. It’s no surprise, then, that within OPUMO’s comprehensive selection of art, there’s a healthy pack of plant-based pieces available. Here are a few of our favourites.

Plants in art

Plants by hand

By Garmi’s artworks are made even more special by the elusiveness of the Copenhagen-based duo. Their collection comprises all sorts of techniques and media. One of our favourites is the Beige Monstera Deliciosa. Celebrate the most recognisable leaf around by giving this work prime position next to the real thing.

Tishk Barzanji’s Intriguing Print depicts a sunset-washed loft characterised by vibrant oranges and contrasting shadows. The eye is immediately drawn to another Monstera Deliciosa standing proudly in the corner of the room, punctuating a scene that raises more questions than it answers.

Plants in art

If you’re looking for something more pared-back, this sketched Olive Print by Ekaterina Koroleva for The Poster Club should do the trick. Koroleva’s skilful hand lends the olive branch striking depth, resulting in a simple but striking addition to a wall of your choice.

Plants on film

Exploring a theme of timelessness, Norm Architects’ Sabi Leaf 02 print shows two Sabi leaves presumably falling from their tree. Curled and beaten, the leaves show the signs of their journey but are frozen mid-fall and still exhibit a distinct poise and character.

Plants in art

Paper Collective continue their work with Norm Architects, Palm Trees Print transports you to an exotic beach, the sun filtering through the fronds of a palm tree. We can’t promise the exotic beach, but Patch’s Chamaerops Humilis will certainly help.

Publishing the work of Riika Kantinkoski, Paper Collective’s Green Home 04 alters the way we look at plants. This crisp photograph shows a stalk up close, emphasising the delicate surface of each leaf. We suggest surrounding this piece with succulents to make it feel at home.

Plants in art

Plants in art

Plants in graphic design

Dowse’s Pool Print mimics the colourful freedom of Picasso’s 1957 work The Doves. An experiment in perspective, Lucy Sherston’s collage-like work is dominated by – you guessed it – a Monstera Deliciosa.

Sarasota Art Print by Dowse depicts a sunny corner of Sarasota, Florida and its art deco architecture. We love art deco architecture by itself, and it’s almost unbeatable when it’s complemented by peeking palms. Opt for a Parlour Palm if you’d like to bring a feeling of Sarasota back home.

Graceful palms and a pink beachball contrast the clean lines and sharp angles of an all-white house in Benjamin Craven’s Beach Ball Print. This piece plays on contrast and shadow to create a still but equally dramatic scene.

Plants in art

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