We’ve teamed up with Patch, London’s favourite plant provider, for #OPUMOxPatch. Founded in 2015, Patch is based around many of the same values as OPUMO. At OPUMO, we take the effort out of shopping, putting the best products in one place for you. Similarly, Freddie, Patch’s founder, realised that there was no online garden centre for those with limited time and limited knowledge. Indeed, you could travel to the far reaches of the city to a garden centre, but once there you’d be lost in a jungle of lavandula angustifolia and chlorophytum comosum. Patch’s mission is to bring the joy of gardening to anyone and everyone, just as ours is to spread the love of great design.

In the run up to our collaboration, we thought we’d lay down a few reasons why having plants in the home is essential. Everyone knows that plants elevate interiors in terms of aesthetic but fewer understand the extent of the health benefits.


Plants reduce stress and anxiety

In 2019, approximately 1 in 6 people report experiencing feelings of anxiety and depression in any given week. This figure is increasing as our lives become busier and busier. Introducing plants into your home is a great way of imbuing it with a sense of calm. While making your spaces quieter and more laid back, it also makes them more stimulating.

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Including plants into your interior design, like mirrors, will work to give the impression of more room. Plants make us think of open, natural spaces with room to breathe and relax, something that can be all too difficult to find in a busy city. What’s more, we hate to break it to you, but your plant doesn’t care about how busy your day was or what went wrong, it sits there and grows. This can give us a new perspective on our problems, reminding us that there’s a bigger picture to focus on. On a scientific level, plants pump more oxygen into our rooms, allowing us to think more clearly, feel more awake and release the right hormones which are all central to maintaining good mental health.

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Plants clean the air

As we all learned in school, the process of photosynthesis reduces carbon dioxide levels, replacing it with oxygen which reduces the level of pollutants in the air. Yes, even inside your home. A 1989 NASA study showed plants remove common pollutants like benzene and nitrogen dioxide, combine that with the fact your plants will reduce airborne dust levels and you’ll be breathing easily and sleeping more soundly than ever.

Plant Pots

Plant Pots

Plants increase productivity

Many of the health benefits of plants in the home come back to the fact that the air is cleaner, affecting sleeping patterns and general workings of the body and mind. While this does play a large part in productivity, the mere visual presence of plants in the home contributes too. Breaking up the monotony of an interior with a selection of lively plants is a quick, long-term fix. The home becomes instantly more stimulating, providing creative inspiration as well as a moment of respite from a tricky job.

Plants come with a whole host of health benefits, these are just a few of our favourites. Even ten minutes further research will be sure to add a few more rows to the list of why your home – and life in general – needs more plants in it.

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The winner will receive a prize consisting of a £500 OPUMO Gift Card and a £500 Patch Gift Card. The prize is non transferable.
Entries close 27th August 2019
Winner announced 28th August 2019

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