When it comes to outdoor gear, Patagonia never fails. The label's clothing is among the very toughest, with hikers and climbers among its devotees, along with those who simply admire its form-follows-function approach. Whether it's a pair of snow trousers, a winter fleece or no-nonsense casual jeans, today's Patagonia collections boast toughness and technology at their heart.

Patagonia's co-founder Yvon Chouinard started small, by making bespoke pitons to pursue his passion for climbing in southern California in the 1950s. The company that was to become Patagonia grew out of this small-scale venture, but always remaining true to its roots in making the most useful and advanced outdoor gear. Along with proven toughness and hi-tech fabrics, Patagonia today places great emphasis on sustainability, pledging 1% of sales revenue to grassroots environmental groups.

Patagonia sizing is mostly true to size. However some items - notably shorts and trousers - are cut larger than a usual size, so if in doubt consider going a size down. Helpfully, the label also adds a guide to how a garment is designed to fit, on a scale from form-fitting to relaxed.

Patagonia sizing notes

  • Some Patagonia garments are cut larger, if in doubt go a size down
  • Along with conventional sizing, Patagonia adds a useful guide on how its items are designed to fit
  • If you're in any doubt, consider ordering two sizes to find your ideal Patagonia fit

Patagonia size charts

Tops and jackets

Your usual sizePatagonia size
33" chestXXS
35" chestXS
37" chestS
40"  chestM
44" chestL
47" chestXL
50" chestXXL
56" chestXXXL

Trouser and shorts

Your usual sizePatagonia size
26" waistXXS
28" waistXS
30" waistS
33" waistM
36" waistL
39" waistXL
42" waist XXL
45" waistXXXL

Trousers and shorts, numerical sizing

Your usual sizePatagonia size
29" waist28
30" waist29
31" waist30
32" waist31
33" waist32
34" waist33
35" waist 34
36" waist35
37" waist36
39" waist38
41" waist40
42" waist43
44" waist45

Fit guide, for many Patagonia pieces

  • Form-fitting  - follows your body contours
  • Slim fit - close fit, can be worn over form-fitting base layers
  • Regular - not over-sized or slim, can be worn over heavier base layers
  • Relaxed - fit is loose over the body

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