The sum of one’s life work is something we all crave to someday enjoy. Patrizia Moroso, the creative director of Moroso, can do just that. Her Italian House in Udine, is the collation of years’ experience, knowledge and guile which combine to create a simply stunning interior that produces a colourful, warm aesthetic quite like no other.

Patrizia is the director of the 58-year-old company, that is remarkably one of the last remaining family-owned furniture manufacturers in a country that was once so famous for them.

The home designed by Moroso, could be mistaken for an interior design catalogue, such is the profanity and elegance of design; and that is just what Moroso decided to do showcase their latest product campaign.

Created alongside frequent collaborator Patricia Urquiola the home features an array of products from the brands' designers and collections, all set beneath the beautiful backdrop of the wild gardens of Udine, which stretch across 10,000 sq. foot of land.

The result is a surprisingly serene and spacious structure with colourful, welcoming interiors. Blending eloquently in to its exterior, the cedar cladding and deep red trim of the house make it almost disappear in to its rustic setting. However, the house itself was conceived “from the inside out”, to accommodate the family’s busy social life.

Enriching her husband’s Senegalese heritage, the home’s first floor contains a wealth of public spaces, including a catering kitchen, guest room, hammam, indoor pool and a playroom for the children- all for the enjoyment of the extended family who regularly visit.

Creating a unique, yet truly enchanting blend of Italian-Senegalese landscape, the first floor of the house features a host of upholstered furniture and bespoke Iranian rugs that opens on to a terrace- that Morosso calls ‘our African escape’.

The interiors paint a rich tapestry of style and substance, that offer a feeling of restrained clutter, with artful collations of tables, stools, sofas, chairs and pillows adding different shades to the overall warm-coloured aesthetic. Appeased by some exclusive, one of a kind furniture pieces, like the painted metal chairs by Ron Arad and the Rift Sofa by Urquiola which is adorned in African fabric- dominating the downstairs sitting room.

Blending family heritage with refined interior design. Patrizia Moroso’s home is an opulent example of contemporary living. A humble abode that exudes self expression.

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