In the hustle and bustle of modern life, we diligently monitor our diets, fitness routines, and sleep patterns, all in the pursuit of holistic well-being. Yet, amidst these efforts, one crucial aspect often escapes our attention: the air we breathe. Enter Airinum's latest innovation, Hale – your personal air purifier, designed to create a clean and crisp environment wherever you go.


Revolutionising personal air purification

Nestled in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden, Airinum unveils Hale, a revolutionary device poised to redefine personal air purification. With a mission to provide air quality solutions, Airinum has crafted Hale as a response to the alarming statistics highlighted by the World Health Organization. Shockingly, 99% of the global population breathes air that fails to meet recommended standards, a sobering reality often overlooked in our daily lives.

The advent of Hale couldn't be timelier. As wildfires rage, the specter of COVID-19 lingers, and concerns about indoor air quality intensify, Hale emerges as a beacon of hope in a world besieged by pollutants. Alexander Hjertström, CEO & Co-Founder of Airinum, underscores the pivotal role of clean air in safeguarding our health: "The power of the breath serves as a linchpin for our well-being. With Hale, we address the urgent need for clean air, drawing from insights gleaned from our diverse community to engineer a game-changing personal air purification companion."

The health benefits of clean air

Unlike conventional air purifiers tethered to a single location, Hale transcends boundaries, ensuring pristine air quality whether you're at home, in the office, or on the move. Equipped with cutting-edge purification technology, Hale stands as a testament to Airinum's commitment to innovation. Developed in collaboration with CabinAir, renowned for its automotive air purification solutions, Hale seamlessly integrates advanced filtration mechanisms to deliver a breath of fresh air in every setting.

Beyond mere avoidance of illness, clean air serves as a catalyst for enhanced physical vigor, cognitive acuity, and overall vitality. As Hjertström aptly notes, "Clean air functions as an invisible elixir of health, akin to imbibing pure water or maintaining a balanced diet."

Join the movement

Excitement abounds as Airinum unveils Hale through a Kickstarter campaign, returning to the platform where its journey began in 2015. This strategic decision not only fosters community engagement but also ensures sustainable production through meticulous demand forecasting. By championing Airinum's Kickstarter campaign, patrons gain exclusive access to Hale while actively contributing to a healthier, greener future.