Eitil Thorén Due is on a mission to bring life to bland walls. The Stockholm-based artist, known professionally as Peytil, is renowned for his expressive artworks that reflect a street art-like spontaneity, featuring simple yet striking lines against a blank white canvas.

With an astute eye for great art, Peytil has broadened his online offering and is playing host to guest artists whose work he admires, making a selection of their pieces available to purchase at Peytil.com for a limited time. The latest creative talent to partner with Peytil is Moscow-based painter Alisher Kushakov. Trained as a painter as well as a graphic designer, Kushakov brings an experimental approach to his work, making use of various materials and media in combination with traditional painting techniques. His evocative artworks are characterised by free-flowing figures and shapes, with muted colours and bold highlights suggesting a depth and dreaminess.

Alluding to enigmatic forms and figures, those of Kushakov's prints available through Peytil are guaranteed to enhance your home and liven up your walls – whether you opt for something colourful and statement-making like Untitled Dancer #2 or a more minimalist print, such as Untitled Kroki #4. All artworks are printed on acid free paper with a matt and smooth surface, and the high quality printer ensures extremely rich colours and a first-class deep black.

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