Tucked away on a hillside, looking out to the uninhabited island it's named after, Piperi House is a minimalist dream inspired by design aesthetics in the Cycladic archipelago of which Kythnos, where this quietly brilliant home resides, is part. Four white cubes form Piperi House, linked by a mischievous series of steps - inspired by their endless counterparts in the drawings of M C Escher - which add an air of mystery to a pristine piece of architecture.


Star of the show is the endlessly varied Aegean Sea. Recline in the bath to examine its ever-changing moods, view the colours of sunrise over water from the bedrooms, or as you look up from your book on the sofa. Paths beyond the house have their own mystery: will it be the beach to the southwest, or the cliffs to the east? Island life is full of impossible choices.

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