Hong Kong based PITAKA has a simple mission: to improve your hi-tech life with the highest possible protection and class-leading charging for your electronic essentials. Whether it's using materials more usually found in Formula One, like carbon and PiTAKA's own signature aramid fibre, or committing to future-first design, PITAKA is dedicated to providing your accessories with the care and protection they deserve. What's more, PITAKA's materials-forward approach effortlessly results in unbeatable form-follows-function style.

PITAKA's team of engineers and designers major heavily on research and development. The result is that they're always looking ahead to solve the next problem your most important electronic necessities might encounter. Air Cases -for iPhone and some Android devices - use ultra-tough aramid fibre, which also has the hand benefit of looking ultra-stylish. The MagEZ and MagEZ Pro Cases are designed to offer better protection, and with built-in magnets, they allow you to snap your phone to a variety of magnetic accessories for easy wireless charging or carrying.

PITAKA phone mounts are another key innovation, incorporating magnets within a case correctly to align with a PITAKA wireless charger, so simple in concept, with years of research to make the idea a compelling reality. The company’s MagEZ Slider charges four devices at the same time. Car mounts are ultra streamlined with a combination of magnets and PITAKA's secure hook design to keep your phone stable on even the roughest of adventurous roads.

Magnets feature heavily in PITAKA's designs, such as the company's elegant, minimalist stand for iPads and in a pioneering collection of minimalist carbon fibre debit and credit card wallets, where magnets hold the various parts of the wallet together. More than that, the carbon fibre construction protects your cards against RFID scanning, protecting them from being "skimmed". It's like having your own personal security guard with you at all times.

There's so much more to appreciate in the PITAKA collections: ultimate cases for your Apple Watch and AirPods, for instance. The key to each PITAKA product is that it provides you with additional peace of mind, whether that's from damage or from an opportunistic thief. As for us, we can't wait to see what these technology-obsessives come up with next. Protection has never looked so good.

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