Words by Piers McEwan

In his new series, ‘Plan Your Escape’, Belgian graphic designer David Delruelle invites us into a surreal, dreamlike, and ultimately fantastical world. The mixed-media collages blend colours, shapes, geometry, framings and personal experiences whilst also upholding an uncomplicated visual quality. And although the colour blocks and hard lines initially give you something to grasp onto, beyond this the possibilities and outcomes of each scene become infinite as you delve further.

As an artist whose signature style revolves around the juxtaposition of different realms and visual contrasts, ‘Plan Your Escape’ is a natural expansion to Delruelle’s already significant catalogue including such works as ‘Sequences’ and ‘Fragments, Mementos and Glitched Memories.’


At the heart of each scene lies Delruelle’s endearing set of protagonists. With a cinematic quality to them, these candid characters bring a personal quality to the abstraction of the shapes in which they coexist. And it is this stark juxtaposition against dreamy pastel shades and clear spaces which fascinates as it moves.

From the young girl lost in thought atop a candy cloud, through to an unknowing public on their pistachio green escalators, these constructed snapshots of life - with their boundless meanings - are the ultimate pieces of art to escape to and to dream with.



Check out a few of our favourites from the ‘Plan Your Escape’ series in the image gallery above, and view the entire catalogue on David Delruelle’s website.