It's time to bring life to your home. Forgo mass-produced furniture and generic accessories and invest instead in unique and playful homewares that bring you joy and spark conversation amongst your guests. Embrace the odd and unexpected: Think innovative storage solutions, playfully shaped furnishings that are as functional as they are aesthetically interesting, and everyday objects that moonlight as unique sculptures.

In need of inspiration? Look no further than these striking homewares that push the boundaries of design.

Vitamin White I.V. Plant Pot

The struggle to keep houseplants alive is a very real one. Luckily, Vitamin has your back with this I.V plant pot that will do all the work for you, thanks to its clever drip feed. Sit back and watch your plant thrive in its stylish new home.

Maze Interiors Black Pythagoras Drawer

Storage doesn't have to be boring. Maze Interiors' Pythagoras Drawer offers an opportunity to get creative with your shelving and create a unique statement wall. Mix and match colours and sizes for a look that reflects your personal style.

LOOPALU Tallest White Nose Vase

Nothing brings character to a home more than a one-of-a-kind decoration. This ceramic vase from Scandinavian ceramics brand LOOPALU is completely handcrafted and bears the mark of its maker in the clay. Its unique face design will undoubtedly liven up your living room.

Yellowpop Match Made In... LED Neon Sign by Girl Knew York

Yellowpop's playful LED neon signs are designed to make a serious statement. Designed by tattoo artist Girl Knew York, this limited edition light is an artwork in itself. Plug it in and watch it brighten up the room.

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