Blending minimalist sensibility with worldwide architectural influences, RKNL’s conceptual designs have made them one of the most innovative and pioneering brands in the world of contemporary furniture.

Established by head designer Ronald Knol, RKNL produce a distinguished selection of characterful pieces to mould to your lifestyle. Creating an eclectic collection furniture such as coffee tables, desks and media consoles, all boasting the trademark brand styling of smooth lines and sustainable design.

The enchanting aura that surrounds the RKNL brand is a consequence of their meticulous attention to detail, and total devotion to design. Distinguished by soft edges and clean lines, every piece of RKNL furniture is refined to the millimetre to establish a perfect balance between simplicity, style and form. As founder Knol explains: “A good design has soul. I strive to create pieces that are beautiful yet inviting. Furniture you can’t help but touch.”

Despite the elegant appearance, all products are designed to be functional, which has evolved the balanced, playful versatility of the brand. Exemplified in their latest concept; the BoBo.

Inspired by the African Baobab tree’s law-defying stature, the extortionate proportions form the foundations for the design of the BoBo side table. A quirky, nonchalant design, the side table exposes the soul of the BoBo, featuring 3 plateaus plates to provide the perfect perch for all your belongings.

The BoBo alongside all of RKNL’s creations, feature simplistic elements of design to present a perfect representation of minimalism. In doing so, every feature has a purpose which contributes to the focus of design. Bringing a vocal point and integrity to the value and sustainability of the brand.

Take a closer look at our picks from the RKNL collection below and visit the RKNL website for a closer look at their entire product catalogue.

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