Ping pong has become universal. It used to be a past time that was probably behind darts, snooker, pool etc in its popularity but now you can’t escape it; whether you are good or bad at it or not. That’s because ping pong tables have turned up everywhere; your local park, shopping centres, shared workspaces and Friday office socials. But we’re about to give you a warning. You are about to hate your current table tennis table. Because however great it is compared to the RS Barcelona Ping Pong Table it will pale in comparison.

RS Barcelona operate with the belief that life is about generating smiles, sharing optimism, spreading dreams, surrounding yourself with the things you like and to never stop playing and learning. It’s a refreshing outlook on life that inspires all of the innovative furniture and homeware designs that the brand produce. Most importantly, its inspired some of the best outdoor, indoor and foldable ping pong tables out there too and here’s how.

RS Barcelona 1

Best Ping Pong Table For The Home: Oak / Black You & Me Indoor Ping Pong Table

Now, this is the best ping pong table for the office as the two-tone oak and black design gives it an aesthetic that is a lot more at home in an office setting. While the collapsible table tennis net and under shelf ensures that all the sport components can be hidden out of sight for the table to operate as a fully functioning board room table too. But, don't worry. Come Friday, you can be sure to get it all out again all within a matter of minutes. It’s the best of both worlds.

RS Barcelona 2

RS Barcelona 3

Best Ping Pong Tables For Small Spaces: RS Barcelona White Folding Ping Pong Table

Not every room in the house or every office has the space to include a ping pong table – unless you get one of them fold-out mats and pop-up nets, but let’s not get involved in any of that. The latest release from RS Barcelona – the White Folding Ping Pong Table – is exactly what you’re after. The RS Folding Ping Pong Table restores sporting design to its rightful place and combines the functionality of a folding design with the signature design of RS Barcelona characterful products. It boasts standard ping-pong table measurements, while its surface, design and structure provide total playability, stability and toughness. Most importantly, once folded using a simple mechanism, the ping pong table takes up little space so you can easily move it to the most convenient spot thanks to its tough all-terrain wheels.

RS Barcelona 4

Best Outdoor Ping Pong Tables: RS Barcelona White You & Me Outdoor Ping Pong Table

The RS Barcelona You & Me Ping Pong Table is one of the brand’s original designs and its one that makes playtime a bit more beautiful with its industrial-design acumen. Hewn from wood and available in white and black - and a variety of wooden finishes from Iroko wood, walnut and oak – the table tennis table's surface, design and structure give it full playability and a long-life span, too. Its understated in the way that it can be used as an outdoor table when its not in use. But it still possesses sportiness from the high-quality foldable net and the bats and the balls that can all be put in the discreet side drawer and hidden away completely.

Now you’ve been introduced to a few of the best ping pong tables you can shop and explore the entire RS Barcelona collection at OPUMO.