There is authentic and then there is Scaglione. Family-run, based as it's always been in Italy and with craft, tailoring and fabric at the forefront of all it creates, Scaglione has been on the same mission for 56 years: to create beautifully-made, deluxe knitwear for your wardrobe. These are pieces for your lifetime.

Part of the appeal is that the Scaglione story is built into every item that they release. Husband-and-wife team Renato and Celsa Scaglione, each with a passion for creativity, art and beauty, founded the label in 1966. Today, it's run by their children Giovanni and Anna.

This is why Scaglione themselves sum the company up as "the epitome of a traditional Italian family business: small, creative, authentic and rooted in tradition and impeccable craftsmanship". That's why the core of their collections remain the long-established classics, subtly updated.

This is the place for your next seamless roundneck sweater, here crafted from luxurious silk. Your choice might be a supersoft polo in 100% cotton or a minimalist quietly detailed hoodie, also in 100% superfine cotton. All pieces are crafted, as they've always been, in long-established Italian studios.

Scaglione's long history doesn't mean, however, that the company is resting on its substantial collections of heritage designs. Quite the contrary. Its success lies in always embracing and leading the future. Alongside classic cuts and colourways, there are forward-looking pieces such as hoodie gilets in camouflage and bold blue cloud patterns for example. Matching shorts are a big story.

The key to this small-scale, long-established family concern is that Scaglione is always looking to the next generation and to new ideas. After 56 years, Scaglione's mission - essential luxury for your capsule wardrobe - has only just begun.

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