A broken mirror, according to ancient superstition, means seven years' bad luck. For Luxembourg artist Sali Muller, however, the shattered mirror is a key ingredient in her arresting installations of the destroyed and damaged.

The idea is for us to take a look again at how we - literally - view ourselves in the narcissistic age of the selfie. In one work, the corners of a mirror in a gilded frame are all that are on the wall, leaving the wall itself blank. Far from looking at ourselves, we're confronted with nothing at all.


In another of Muller's works, eight tall mirrors are exhibited, each progressively more shattered than the last. The broken shards are left on the gallery floor, as if they were parts of ourselves. A further piece is the lower part of a mirror, high up on a wall out of reach and almost out of sight.

A series of subtly altered clocks interfere with the notion of time. In other gallery shows, her work might slowly change during the installation, appearing to break down naturally.



Muller's works are intriguing and play with our sense of what is real. We're big fans.

For more information, head to Sali Muller’s website.

All images courtesy of Sali Muller.