Laura Silinska founded senscommon out of frustration over the conventional approaches in fashion and from her passion for material innovation. Her solution you see before you: the retro-future world of senscommon, where shape is dictated by utility, and where design takes the latest advances in fabrics as its starting point. Her designs, senscommon tell us, put emotional wellbeing on the same level as aesthetics and function. Put simply: a senscommon piece is conceived from the outset to make you feel better. And that's no small thing.

Senscommon is based in Amsterdam, one of the cycling capitals of Europe. It should come as no surprise, then, that one of the label's signature pieces, gaining more and more traction as more of us re-evaluate cycling as transport, is the all-commute overcoat. Waterproof yet breathable and dirt-repellent layer to put over anything else you are wearing, in any season, with fasteners to snap around your legs to stay dry til below the knees and discreet but crucial black reflective patches to the elbows to alert following traffic of your presence, this ultra-light piece of 21st century essential urban commuter gear is also effortlessly stylish precisely because its form is entirely dictated by its function.

This is key to senscommon's smart, lifestyle apparel approach, one that extends to everything from Tencel™ socks and anti-viral solutions to versatile merino wool body warmers. Senscommon is a new way of thinking about our wardrobes. One that, we're finding, is curiously addictive. 

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