In the classic fairy tale Sleepy Beauty, comes the famous quote – “they say if you dream a thing more than once, it’s sure to come true” – and it’s safe to say we’ve dreamt a fair bit about this. WE! Shoot It – a German multidisciplinary studio led by creative duo Michael Compensis and Thomas von Salomon – has released a new series of images showing an array of classic cars in a range of garages and workshops – and it’s well worth a look.


Aptly named ‘Sleeping Beautys,’ the series includes a selection of iconic cars including vintage Ferraris and Porsches alongside other vehicles – such as the heavily customised model – hidden underneath sheets or sat in quiet corners of garages. The simplicity of their surroundings and the air of mystery that follows them, allows the beauty of each model to take centre stage and make you feel slightly honoured to see the machines in humble grounds.




Check out a few of our favourite images in the gallery above and head to WE! Shoot It’s website and Instagram to discover more.