Meet the luxurious monsters. The right rugs and throws add the final touch of warmth and luxury to your home. Siri Carlén is the Swedish artist who believes those essential accessories should be as much pieces of art as the work you have on your walls. She calls her sumptuous rugs and throws for the self-declared interior design obsessives at Hem The Monster Collection, because of their mysterious animal-inspired designs.

If you're looking for comfort, this is the right place. The Monster Collection, exclusive to Hem, uses mohair, merino and New Zealand wool to create true personal luxury in a select choice of monster-inspired throws and rugs. The key is the intriguing series of designs by Siri Carlén whose artworks, often referencing nature, are to be found as book illustrations, murals and outdoor sculptures across her native Sweden.

Working from her studio in Stockholm, Siri Carlén has created the initial design for these pieces through what she describes as "an obsessive journey with much research and development to discover the perfect materials, techniques and applications". Pastel crayons create the initial designs, with a natural fur-like texture that makes them a perfect match for transferring to the rugs and throws. The initial inspiration for The Monster Collection comes directly from nature. "I’m obsessed," says the artist, "with its markings and colours but particularly fascinated by animal prints evolved to camouflage, confuse, or attract. It’s really this fascination that lies behind the Monster patterns I’ve created with Hem."

Collaboration with Hem, the Stockholm based interiors specialists who work with independent designers to create striking and beautiful objects for the home, means that construction is of the finest natural materials, crafted by highly trained artisans in studios selected for both excellence and sustainability. "There’s very little hesitation or angst in her work," says Hem founder Petrus Palmér of Siri Carlén, "and to me that reflects the progressive and joyful spirit that I associate with Hem."

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