Swedish design powerhouse Hem knows that function and style don't have to be mutually exclusive. The independent furniture studio creates imaginative designs of obsessive quality, working with vanguard designers and renowned European manufacturers to bring unique interiors to life. We've previously taken a look at Hem's impressive rug range, and we now turn our attention to its shelving designs, which — in typical Hem fashion — serve as impactful style statements as well as functional storage solutions. Take a look at Hem's four key shelf designs below.

Hide Pedestal by Karoline Fesser

Karoline Fesser's Hide Pedestal is true to its name — discreet and modest, it can be hidden under a larger table for additional storage or placed inconspicuously in the corner of a room, its back turned to conceal its contents. Otherwise, embrace it as a pedestal to openly display your favourite items. Choose from eight block colours: go subtle or be bold.

Zig Zag High Shelf by Studio deForm

Studio deForm is responsible for designing Hem's Zig Zag High Shelf, a grid-like structure that creates an elegant semblance of order. Its innovative hidden folding hinge allows the flat-packed shelves to simply stretch into shape like an accordion — enabling you to assemble the shelf without any tools.

Lift Shelf 6 by Staffan Holm

Staffan Holm's modular Lift Shelf design boasts an economical and functional construction that prioritises versatility, allowing you to expand it as needed with extra shelves stacked on top or an existing system placed next to it for additional capacity.

Verso Shelf Standard by Mikko Halonen

The ladder-like Verso Shelf is the perfect storage solution for those short on space. Designed by Mikko Halonen, it can be repositioned and repurposed continuously — to organise clothes, neatly arrange towels or display art and books. It arrives in just two parts: simply assemble it in a matter of minutes and lean it against a wall.

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