Words by Alek Rose

The world of men's premium sneakers is growing rapidly, and with it grows the possibility to spice up your office attire. Officewear has stood mostly unchanged for the last century or more, but premium sneakers present a real chance to stamp your brand on your weekday look, and that doesn’t come at a cost to your professionalism. High-quality leathers and suedes will feel familiar, but this time they sit atop vulcanised rubber soles. We know you always look forward to work anyway, but these sneakers for the office will give you your best reason to get up, tie your laces and begin the journey.


Colours: Think Beyond Classic Black Sneakers

Some say that office etiquette is best left how it is. We disagree. Having said this, when it comes to long-standing tradition, don’t try to change it too quickly. Start your office style revolution with little steps, keep your colour palette muted: prioritise darker colours. Try the CQP Lava Grey Racquet Sneakers or Filling Pieces’ Army Green / Black Low Mondo Ripple


Materials: Keep It Clean

Although we advocate your office style revolution, we recommend keeping it classic with regards to the materials: stick to leather and suede. Oliver Cabell’s Jet Black Low 1 exhibits an immaculate 3oz full grain calfskin leather upper straight from Venice so you don’t need to worry about looking sharp and smart in the office. The luxury grain leather upper of the VOR 1A Marineblau Perforiert Sneaker builds on the premise set by Oliver Cabell: great leather lasts and keeps its class. The perforation detail adds a modern edge to the timeless quality of the leather.

Shape: High-Top Or Low-Top?

Changing the shape of the sneakers you wear to the office is an easy and acceptable way to gently experiment with your work style. We recommend No Label and CQP to guide you through possible new styles. No Label’s Dark Green Suede Desert Sneaker rises above the ankle but keeps the colour tones quiet. CQP have collaborated with Storm Copenhagen to bring you the Grey Tarmac Sneaker which is more eye-catching than our other selections. The clean cut silhouette and top of the line materials mean that this model still gains entry to the office style club.

1A Marineblau Perforiert Sneakers

Use this as a guide to navigate the dos and don’ts of office wear exploration; build on the principles of simplicity, quality and subtlety for a surefire route to expanding your office footwear.


We’ve suggested six office sneakers, but we have lots more in store for you. Find more classic premium sneakers at OPUMO.

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