Granted, it’s an old saying, but sometimes the simple gestures are the ones that make the most impact, and this is certainly the case for ‘Portal’ – the latest installation from the merger of three great minds – Snøhetta, Erik Jørgensen and Everything Elevated.

Presented during Milan Design Week 2017, the minimal installation looks like a never-ending ladder that invites the viewer to take a closer look and discover that from different perspectives things can be nothing more than illusions.





Taking into consideration simplicity, patience and compassion, the trio of Snøhetta, Erik Jørgensen and Everything Elevated have merged authentic craftsmanship and innovative design to enhance the sense of being in the physical places we inhabit. Following the notion of a ‘stairway to heaven’, Portal aims to elevate the viewer from one place to another, which is the illusion that people should feel when looking at the piece. The secret behind it all, however, is the use of two mirrors, each one located at each end of the stair, that helps give off the idea of infiniteness.

Images courtesy of Erik Jørgensen Mobelfabrik