We could all do with cutting back on plastic use, and one of the easiest ways to do this is with a reusable water bottle. Founded in 2017, Stay Sixty has won multiple awards for its reusable water bottle design, making it a contender for the best out there today.

This stylish water bottle combines a sleek, Scandinavian-inspired design with unique design features, resulting in one of the best reusable water bottles on the market. We all know that single-use plastic bottles amount to absolute devastation for our planet, so it’s no surprise that many reusable water bottle brands are appearing, but Stay Sixty is the one we’re opting for.

What makes the Stay Sixty bottle so great?

In eliminating the need for plastic bottles, Stay Sixty’s reusable stainless steel water bottles are a great first step to a healthier planet. But for these reusable metal water bottles to have any real impact, they need to last.

Thankfully, Stay Sixty's bottles are crafted from electropolished food-grade stainless steel, which basically means that the metal used won't harm or affect the taste of the water inside. They also feature some interesting design details.

The cap on the Stay Sixty water bottle is specially designed so that you don't need to take it off to drink, and the carry strap is there to ensure moving around with it is effortless and stress free. In short, if you're in the market for a reusable water bottle, Stay Sixty has got you covered.

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