In the heat of the bustle of the Mexican city of Zapopan stands a pure white concrete residence where an unexpected tranquility reigns. LL328 is a family home with startling spaces and an interior that embraces the outdoors.


Architects CDM Casas de México describe their creation as "a shelter from everyday routine" with the large arches that form the bulk of the public spaces forming what amounts to an open plan communal retreat. High ceilings in the family areas are timbered with dramatic feature lighting forming a focus.



Serenity is the key throughout as LL328 offers a contemporary take on the traditional Mexican home, with a central patio at the core. Here, the patio forms an indoor garden with a mature tree piercing the sky to complement an adjoining pebble-filled pool.

Key to this ingenious design are differing ceiling heights, lower in the more intimate areas such as a private sitting room which adjoins, and contrasts with, the high ceilinged drama of the main open plan living space. The architects have created surprise vistas such as a blue-framed window at the top of the stairs showcasing outdoor greenery.


Photography: Rory Gardiner