As sneaker culture grows more contagious, so does the assortment of casual footwear available. In an age where sneakers, collaborations and exclusives are dropping nearly every day, it pays to do your research and unearth a sneaker that will give you all the comfort, practicality and style of a Common Projects or an ETQ Amsterdam sneaker, but with a little bit more exclusivity. Which is why we thought it was high-time we introduced you to the incredibly comfortable sneakers of Stepney Workers Club

Stepney Workers Club is a brand based in East London and focuses on the inclusive culture of traditional Workers Clubs. Along these lines, the brand’s message is ‘Freedom Of Sport, Freedom Of Thought’, a push to get their customers up and out, enjoying their city thanks to affordable, timeless sneakers. 

The Dellow, Stepney Workers Club' signature sneaker, is a completely unisex option, inoffensive but with personality, and built with care. The vulcanised sole ensures a long and fruitful life for a style that has been the foundation of subcultures over decades. Stepney Workers Club are portraying a free-thinking approach and spirit that they say ‘feels relevant again today’. We agree.

But, here's the important part. Stepney Workers Club take great care in crafting the perfect sneaker – so you should take equally good care when it comes to finding the most comfortable pair for you. But, before you do, there is one more things you need to know: Stepney Workers Club sneakers fit true to size. To ensure you get the best fit, check out the full sizing guide below.


The Stepney Workers Club Sizing Guide

  • Stand on a level floor with your heels against a straight edge or wall
  • Measure your foot length by placing a ruler or tape measure by the side of your foot, from heal to toe.
  • Place a flat object across the tip of your big toe and take the measurement from where the flat edge crosses the ruler.
  • Stepney Workers Club trainers fit true to size, so take your normal size.
  • They do not come in half sizes.
  • Stepney Workers Club footwear is genderless, so there are no women’s or men’s sizing specifics.



Key points to consider:

Stepney Workers Club sneakers fit true to size. Purchase your normal shoe size.

Stepney Workers Club sneakers are only available in full sizes. If you normally wear a half size, buy a pair half a size larger than usual.


Now you're all clued up with the Stepney Workers Club sizing guide, you can shop the latest sneaker drop at OPUMO

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