When it comes to buying a new watch there a few questions you have to ask yourself before you dig deep into the world of men’s watches to pick your favourite. What’s your watch budget? What aesthetic and colour watch are you after? What is the function of the watch – everyday wear or more of a special timepiece? Well, if the answer to those questions was a harmonious, affordable unisex watch defined by strong geometric shape, aesthetic colours, high-quality stainless steel and fine leather straps with a pinch of Bauhaus design thrown in for good measure, then you're looking for a Sternglas watch.

In truth, Sternglas watches are just about as reliable and elegant as you can get for an everyday watch. The mission, which began in 2016, is to create affordable, great-looking Bauhaus watches, and as you’ve probably realised already, it’s an objective that they’re pulling off with considerable aplomb.

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Sternglas Watches Review

For those with a love of clean lines, shapes and colours, Sternglas watches’ first creation, the NAOS, boasts all the details that you’ve come to hope and expect for a high-quality everyday watch.

The signature Sternglas timepiece, the Naos, has all the hallmarks of a classic and will look good on the wrist whatever the occasion. Following the Bauhaus principles of ‘art and technology, a new unity,’ the understated watch creates the highest expression by reducing the design to the essentials. It’s that delicate design ethos that ensures that the signature Sternglas watch doesn’t have any of the irritating or ostentatious details that so many other modern watchmakers focus on.

The Sternglas Naos Watch has a mix of clean, industrial elements and a certain Bauhaus charm, that creates a discreet, well-proportioned unisex watch. The case, with its 38mm diameter and 8mm height, is relatively slim and feels well-proportioned when on the wrist to offer a casual, slightly retro-inspired watch. A single thin and straight lug sits on the side of the case and they refine the drum-barrel case to add a bit of a sportier feel to the silhouette.

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Moving on to the dial, the Naos Watch dial is pleasantly detailed and highly original. The dial adopts a dual style, with a straight brushed outer ring and a more concentrated pattern on the inside. The detail also stretches into the date dial at the three marker that sits above the proudly etched '38 mm BAUHAUS' logo to the 6 marker and the Sternglas Zeitmesser title on the upper half of the watch face.

Available with either leather or Milanese straps and with white or black watch faces, there is plenty of choice with the flagship range of Sternglas watches. The highest expressions of design are evident through the design and those considered details are confidently supported by the RONDA Caliber 714 Movement that drives the Sternglas automatic as reliably as you could like.

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In terms of technical specifications, here’s all you need to know when it comes to the Sternglas Naos Watch:

  • 38mm Diameter
  • 8mm Height
  • RONDA Caliber 714 Movement
  • 24-Month Guarantee
  • Domed Sapphire Glass
  • Waterproof up to 50m (5ATM)

Overall Verdict

They may have started their life like a lot of other watch brands out there, through the crowded and not always successful path of Kickstarter, but Sternglas are now flourishing in their own right for the quality of their Bauhaus watches. Overall, the simple, fuss-free approach to modern watch design ensures that Sternglas produce aesthetically beautiful, incredibly comfortable watches that are reliable, trustworthy and incredibly efficient. Plus, with an affordable price tag between £169 - £178 depending on your choice of leather of Milanese strap, there’s pretty much nothing to not like about these incredibly well-made modern watches.

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