They say a man’s sentimental attachment to objects and materials is one of life’s greatest consolations; and the latest body of work from artist Strook deems that to be true.

Strook, the name of Bruges-based artist Stefaan De Croock, is both unique and ingenious. By working with recycled wooden doors and panelling pulled from old houses, the Belgian artist constructs both large and small-scale geometric portraits. His signature collage art causes viewers to take a closer look at the familiar shapes as they come into focus via unusual textures, shapes and mediums.


Each piece is designed individually using multiple fragments of cut wood which Strook mixes and matches to form an intricate colour palette. Strook’s most recent piece was an immersive wooden assemblage for the Crystal Ship – a new art festival in Ostend, Belgium, that is now in its second year.


‘The Crystal Ship’ Images copyright of © Ian Cox 



Every one of Strook’s recycled sculptures has its own story to tell; discover them for yourself with a few of our favourites in the image gallery above and by following Strook on Instagram.

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