For those seeking the best men's running socks, Sums, the specialty running sock brand, is the name that promises to make it happen. Sums is on a mission to reflect and amplify the goodwill within the running community, raise the ever-elusive 'runner's high,' and contribute to the betterment of the running world. The journey begins with socks, a seemingly ordinary product, but one that Sums is determined to redefine in terms of quality, sustainability, and social impact.


Who founded Sums

Sums was founded by Ed Vickers, a man with a deep connection to the world of running. Ed's father is a double-digit marathon maniac, and Ed himself has countless memories of chasing after his dad during marathons, always on the lookout for his signature bunny ears. Those childhood experiences left an indelible mark on Ed, reinforcing the age-old truth that running is about so much more than just putting one foot in front of the other.

What products is Sums known for

Sums is renowned for its specialty running products, beginning with high-quality, sustainable men's running socks. Their vision is to enhance the "runner's high" and foster community spirit through innovative, socially impactful products. They embrace a pledge-per-run model, uniting like-minded runners in a shared passion for running and giving back.

Is Sums sustainable

Every step of Sums' sock production process is infused with sustainability, from responsibly sourcing materials to minimizing waste in their manufacturing process, all in an effort to reduce their environmental footprint.

What is Sums' pledge-per-run model

Sums operates on a pledge-per-run model, where they tally up their community's monthly runs and donate 5p to The Outrunners Youth charity for each one. Simply grab their socks, join their Strava Club, log your runs, and they'll take care of the donations.

Where can you shop Sums

Sums calls London, United Kingdom its home. Their high-performance socks are designed for athletes worldwide, and they proudly offer international shipping, ensuring that runners everywhere can experience their exceptional quality and comfort.

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