Anyone who has ever attempted to furnish a home will appreciate the difficulty of sourcing original furniture pieces that don't cost a bomb. It all too often seems as though there are only two ends of the spectrum — either astronomically priced original designs or cheap, mass-produced knock offs, with little occupying the space in between. This is where Swoon comes in. The design-led furniture brand was established in 2012 with the straightforward goal of producing beautifully crafted original furniture pieces at fair prices. From sofas and armchairs to dining tables and desks, Swoon's stylish yet functional offering is created for the truly home obsessed. The absence of middlemen, shops and warehouses ensures that prices are kept as low as possible.

All of Swoon's pieces are imbued with character. Traditional craftsmanship techniques are fused with innovative design to create furniture that will bring life to a space, rather than exist to merely fulfil a function. There is a strong Art Deco aesthetic throughout Swoon's range — think brass inlays, textured natural wood and geometric patterning. Rich velvets and bold gem tones offer a touch of glamour, while sculptural shapes create an element of interest. From the statement-making Hermes TV stand to the opulent marble-topped Loriini coffee table, each of Swoon's pieces are designed to spark conversation.

The brand works with artisans across the UK and Europe to bring its designs to life. From manual labourers and apprentices to designers and craftspeople, there is a dedicated team involved in creating each individual piece from scratch. As Swoon's co-founder Debbie Williams explains, “People don’t realise how many hands are involved in the making of a pouffe, a side table, a chair. And for me, it’s finding out things like that which make me fall even more in love with a design. It’s about connection. In an age of mindless over-consumption, this commitment to old-school craftsmanship is rather refreshing. “Everything is a thoughtless commodity now," says Debbie. "We want to humanise furniture.”

  1. Faye Brass Plated Wall Lamp
  2. Landau Sofa
    From £1,199
  3. Mackay Mango Wood Console Table
  4. Stepney Gunmetal / Brass Chest of Drawers
  5. Purcell Mustard / Navy Cushion
  6. Aero Black Shelving Unit
  7. Valente Light Brown Mango Wood / Brass Chest of Drawers
  8. Luna Corner Sofa
    From £1,499
  9. Welles Charcoal Bar Stool
  10. Watts Acacia Desk
  11. Purcell Navy / Pink Cushion
  12. Hansel Marble / Black Coffee Table
  13. Terning Acacia Tv Stand
  14. Fresco Mango Wood Dressing Table
  15. Banner Mango Wood / Charcoal Cabinet

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