So many things in life are advertised as being good for us, but with busy work schedules and social lives that do not seem long enough, we don't always have the time for these so called good-things – trying to get eight hours sleep and 10,000 steps in a day, or ensuring we take time away from our phones, for example. But learning to embrace so called ‘slow-living’ isn’t about forgetting your responsibilities and lounging around, it’s about actively putting time aside to do the things that make life a bit easier, and you a bit happier. So, it’s with the pleasure principle in mind that we’re introducing you to Nina+Co, the homeware brand that make the art of slow living a little bit more comfortable, contemporary and enjoyable.


Nina Woodcroft – founder of Nina+Co – takes inspiration from ‘better living’ and her Danish heritage to create simple, uncomplicated and useful homeware items that remove the monotony from your routine morning coffee. The Nina+Co Breakfast collection, made in collaboration with designer-maker studio The Ceramicists, which includes a range of bowls, mugs and espresso cups, is produced in a small-scale from black clay with a white glaze. The new takes on everyday pieces encourage you to spend a little more time over breakfast. The gloriously glazed bowl, which tilts invitingly towards you; or the small, sculpted espresso cup with a unique, tactile handle, and the butter dish with an angled, architectural finish – they may be simple, but they are all thoroughly unique. Most importantly of all, the entire collection is made from responsibly sourced materials and are produced in limited quantities to maximise efficiency and reduce waste.



Nina’s clean approach to design, minimal geometry and simple, honest silhouettes are reminiscent of her ancestral Danish design and the basic requirements of these everyday objects have been carefully considered, challenged and rendered to bring artistry to the breakfast table. Which is why we suggest that the next time you should take a break, make it worthwhile.

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