Japanese art director Tatsuya Tanaka continues to transform the mundane into the truly enchanting with his ongoing ‘Miniature Calendar’ project – now stretching into its sixth year.


Proving that good things do in fact come in small packages, Tatsuya’s ‘Miniature Calendar’ creates a pocket-sized outlook on everyday life. Manipulating a range of ordinary objects, ranging from office supplies to food, Tatsuya has expanded his unique scenes into a captivating showcase of intricate contemporary art.



Despite heading into its sixth year, the Miniature Calendar’s charm has not diminished. What initially started as a means of photographing his Diorama doll collection, soon expanded to a fully-fledged 365-day calendar series – with 1,000 images created to date. Regardless of age, the fresh, enchanting approach to art should be celebrated for its longevity. As every day, Tatsuya continues to entertain with new, original snapshots of everyday scenes.


You too can enjoy Tatsuya Tanaka’s snapshots by following his Instagram account @Tanaka_Tatsuya and view our favourites from the Miniature Collection by delving into the OPUMO Magazine archives.