Miles Redd once described the art of interior design as ‘taking the best of history and making it work for you,’ and his words explain how interiors are no longer just living spaces but physical embodiments of human energy, design and expertise. One brand that continues to epitomise the grace, elegance and evolution of home décor is Anglepoise, who has just released its latest collaboration alongside compatriot designer Paul Smith at OPUMO.


Following on the from the success of the Giant Lamp, a playful design in homage to Roald Dahl, Anglepoise’s collaborative light series alongside Paul Smith contains three wonderful adaptations of the special edition Anglepoise Type 75 Lamp.

The first of the three unique designs is a limited-edition Type 75 Desk Lamp. The diminutive and sophisticated desk lamp is available in a strident primary colour palette of red, blue and yellow which both complements and contrasts the classic design through its dynamic and contemporary new look.



The all-British collaboration has also reimagined the standard sized Type 75 Lamp – a reinterpretation of the original 1930s Anglepoise design. The lamp is more of an interior necessity than a home accessory and the new colours are yet another welcome addition to the evolution of the lamp as they have been expertly chosen to complement any domestic or working interior.


Now, if you’re looking for something a bit bigger and bolder, then the Paul Smith Edition One is the collaborative light for you. This iteration of the Type 75 Giant Floor Lamp is a striking, modernist alternative to the Original Anglepoise 1227 Giant and it features precision machined components and a rotating shade making it a statement piece that is functional as it is beautifully ornate.

The special edition Anglepoise x Paul Smith Type 75 collection is available now at OPUMO