Heading across the continent, the Michelberger Hotel in Berlin takes up mantle from Hotel Amour to become the latest establishment to feature in the Hit List – a series highlighting the best bars, restaurants and hotels in the world.

Boasting a bohemian allure, the Michelberger Hotel resides opposite Warschaeur Street in the heart of the German capital – emerging from the shadow of the East Side Gallery- the longest standing stretch of the Berlin Wall. The confidence that exudes from this independent, family-run hotel, ensures that it remains adept to its surroundings; offering laid-back companionship amongst the district's vibrant night life.

The Michelberger stands out amongst its vivacious-surroundings and that’s largely down to its contemporary, independent style. Although the hotel itself falls in to the budget category, the entire interior has been designed by international designer, Werner Aisslinger. Entwining a youthful exuberance with a warm and welcoming atmosphere that extends above and beyond the price of an overnight stay.

That hospitable feeling is apparent as soon as you step in to Michelberger. The open-plan lobby area has a deliberately rustic feel, that contains a wealth of character courtesy of the generously filled bookcases and luxury lounge sofas. The foyer is more than just a fleeting focus to the hotel, as it also leads in to a courtyard that doubles in to a beer garden and gig venue; with the bar staying open all night. Regardless of your length of stay, the courtyard will always be an added aperitif to your visit.

As previously atoned, the Michelberger Hotel stands as a ‘modern family business’, whose mantra is to make ‘our little world better, day by day’. Instead of chasing profit, they strive to maximise the quality and experience of all guests. Which is evident in the decoration of the hotels 119 rooms. The carefree theme is exaggerated in tasteful form, with every room individually designed in typical eclectic style. Illustrated by the Library, the Chalet and the Berlin flea market rooms which take on their own enchanting identity. With each and every room complete with intricate details including mirrors hanging from rope, windows overlooking shared rooms and authentic wooden furnishings.

Ideal for a single stopover or a romantic escape, the Michelberger Hotel, however, is best enjoyed with friends. Particularly as that permits you to stay in the ‘The Big One’ room. Consisting of one spacious apartment complete with six single beds, paired high to form different layouts. Containing enough surrounding space to work, play and relax.

The Michelberger Hotel is branded with the customary ‘hipster’ tag because it operates within its own unique world. Eccentric, characterful, creative and relaxed, the Michelberger is much more than just an experiment to stand out from the crowd. It exists to be a truly inspiring, and most importantly, enjoyable place to call home when it comes to your next city break.

Head to the Michelberger Hotel website to book your stay.