Playing Circle continue to defy trends, time and tradition with their latest soiree in to pioneering design; the Loft.

The Loft by Playing Circle is a simply enchanting adaptation to modern design- reinvigorating an Amsterdam apartment- with the combination of design, art and craft culminating in one inspiring interior design project.

After reinventing the modern loft in previous years, the Amsterdam team have returned with their latest adaptation that adds an artistic edge to their signature methods of showcasing design.

Undisputedly, the recipe of success lies deep in The Playing Circle’s insatiable levels of innovation, transforming a traditional loft space in to a stunning shop front where anything and everything on show can be purchased. From the contemporary leather belt sofa to the expansive light features and down to the modernist artwork- everything is for sale.

Emerging as an ingenious way of engaging new audiences, the temporary loft-shop is a reconnaissance in to the ultimate stylish man’s living quarters- and as a result- makes every last detail of the living space so ravenously appealing.

The neutral colour scheme adopted throughout the exhibit allows the rich, natural charm of the wood, glass and leather items to take on greater impetus, only serving to highlight the intricacies to which The Playing Circle have invested in their products.

Consequently, all the items on display invariably take on a greater value as you are invited to view the impeccable design choices, immaculate spatial awareness and the beautifully crafted furniture under the façade of visiting your friend’s stylish abode.

With its doors opening for just two weeks, the Loft by Playing Circle is currently in business until Sunday 6th of September in Prinsengracht, Amsterdam, Holland.

The innovative design bearers of The Playing Circle, are quite simply, the finest in their field right now.