Living in the city is a blessing for the most part. Having access to some of the best food, architecture, clothing, cinemas and more are just some of the benefits. That said, it doesn’t hurt to get away sometimes and, under lockdown, we all need some time to daydream. When we feel a daydream arising, we’re quick to start scrolling the pages of The Modern House.

The Modern House is the only property site for the true design lover, each residence is handpicked for its outstanding architecture, interior design and location. We’ve been browsing the possibilities that stand proudly in the quieter parts of Britain. Here are our three favourite getaway properties. 

The Saltings | Under £1,000,000

The Saltings is situated on Hayling Island in Hampshire and is valued at £995,000. This is one for the design buffs; the structure is a fine example of early Modernism. Built in 1934, this grade II-listed detached house was designed by Connell, Ward and Lucas. Panoramic sea views characterise The Saltings experience, each level of the property emphasising the environment from a different angle. 

The exterior of The Saltings makes an instant impact with its angular faces and large glazed modules. Within the property you’ll find wide open spaces populated by works of art and iconic furniture. 

Sandfield Road | Under £2,000,000

Located in Headington, Oxfordshire, Sandfield Road is on the market at £1,995,000. The spacious five-bedroom property is less than three miles from the centre of Oxford city and amounts to a staggering 4,050sq.ft. of internal living space spread over two floors. A large glass atrium makes up the modern extension which features a series of full-height windows that open onto one of the two gardens. 

Sandfield Road seamlessly blends a modern extension with the existing structure of the home to unique and striking effect. This contrast is also mirrored in the interior design, the bright extension populated by minimal fixtures while the rest of the home takes on a more traditional style.

Outhouse | Under £3,000,000

A trip to Brockweir, Gloucestershire gets us to Outhouse. On the market for £2,895,000, Outhouse is a modern departure from the surrounding meadows and woodlands. Not only is this home an excitingly modern project in its appearance, it’s also eco-efficient. Whole-house ventilation with a ground source heat pump, solar thermal and photovoltaic panels and underfloor heating throughout give Outhouse an energy performance rating of 96/100.

Located on a sprawling four-acre plot, Outhouse has a footprint of just over 5,000sq.ft. but remains a stealthy and timeless architectural solution to the sloping plot. Its monolithic concrete form has a timeless and unchanging quality, much like that of a vast rock face. What’s more, the concrete structure will age over time, growing more and more in sync with the natural surroundings.

For more information on any of the properties, visit The Modern House.

Although it never reached construction, Lake House shows the true beauty of living in nature.