For everyone with an inner skateboarder, here's the hand-crafted, artisanal solution. Meet the Murksli Kruzer, a board with a questionable name but unimpeachable credentials.

Crafted to order by specialist Slovenian skateboard makers (what is it about Slovenia that sparks such creativity?) Murksli, here's a board that's just as happy to be wall-mounted as part of your mid-century decor, as it is on the streets of a skate-friendly city.

In place of the graffiti-inspired finish of many skateboards, the Kruzer celebrates its materials, in this case wild maple wood, finished with layers of walnut root to create a unique look.

The Kruzer is finished with high-grip aluminium oxide, and it's a longboard, which makes it ideal for beginners, just in case you're tempted to take it off the wall for a run down a forgiving hill.

It's easy to see why Murksli are quietly making waves in the hard-to-impress world of skateboarding. There's that wood selection for a start - and their obsessional approach to the hardware.

For the Kruzer, Murksli have preferred long-established maker Autobahn to supply their Beast wheels finished in clear urethane on a clear core.

Trucks are by Randal Fuller and bearings by Biltins. The combination proves the point that we're always keen to stress. Whether you're choosing a watch, belt, architect, classic car or, as in this case, a skateboard, when form follows function, the result is supremely stylish.