The vinyl revolution has become a phenomenon of our times. Vinyl sales in Britain reached a 20-year high in 2014 and sales so far this year are up a further 65%. Turntable sales have followed suit with sales doubling last year. If you'd like something more bespoke to play your treasured collection on, may we recommend the mouth-watering new turntable by artisanal American sound specialists Fern & Roby.

We've been admiring Fern & Roby's work for a while, singling out their speakers with casings fashioned from the beams of an old factory, for special praise.

The new turntable from Fern & Roby is the ideal partner. Mounted on a 70-pound cast iron plinth, there's a 35-pound brass platter and the whole is designed to dampen any vibrations.

Fern & Roby have used digital technology on this most analogue of sound systems to produce the ideal playing speed. They tell us that, through a complicated engineering arrangement, only a small motor is needed to get that heavy platter turning.

This involves, they say, "sinusoidal drive waveforms", and we're in no position to argue. What we do know is that this turntable is not just a high end piece of audio equipment, which too often can look as if the geeks from 'Back to The Future' have moved into your living room, but a minimalist statement of interior design.

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