The ethos behind Swedish brand The Resort Co. could not be more simple. They're serious about holiday time and they're even more serious about the ethics behind their signature portfolio of vacationwear - perfectly judged shoes, sunglasses, swimwear, polo shirts. These Stockholm-based forward-thinking proponents of "slow production" believe that there is more than just handy jargon about their use of the word "artisanal".

This is a young brand, making its debut in 2018 with a mission of sustainability. Designs - whether of eyewear or espadrilles - will last for season upon season. The idea is the very antithesis of disposable fashion: The Resort Co. want their products to last just as we all want our holidays to last for longer than they do.

Sourcing is key. Each piece in the collections, every pair of shoes has a directly traceable lineage to small, mostly family run concerns in Italy, Portugal and Spain. These are the true artisans, the people who are responsible for the manufacture of everything that The Resort Co. put their label on. Transparency is an essential part of the process.

All of this would be as of nothing without the excellence of the final product. The collections are kept deliberately small, the easier to maintain the high quality that The Resort Co.'s founders insist on. Their flip-flopsFor ethical Swedish summer gear, there's no beating The Resort Co are quite simply among the best that you can buy, while Italian organic cotton polo shirts speak of simplicity and real time spent in quality crafting of the final garment. Sunglasses are eye-catching without pandering to seasonal fads.

There is a quiet luxury about The Resort Co. that doesn't need to shout. This is ethically driven clothing and accessories for the laid-back seaside getaway rather than the rumbustious resort, for the long evening by the beach house fireside and, above all, a real appreciation of time off.

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