Each and every week we welcome in some of the finest pieces of design from around the world, and although it’s incredibly exciting, it’s hard to keep track on what’s just landed. So, to keep you in the loop, here are five of our favourite items that we’re talking about in the office right now from Schnayderman's, Meters and more.

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Level-Up Your Layers: Schnayderman’s Sand Overshirt

The Schnayderman’s Overshirt has had many guises and colours over the last few years but none quite like this. The linen-structure Overshirt retains all the details that make the overshirt one of the most-loved elements of a man’s winter wardrobe, but it is enhanced with a sprinkling of new details such as the wonderfully soft linen-wool blend, relaxed notched collar, real horn matte buttons and a single-button cuff. It’s those considered details that give the overshirt the feeling of being more of a lightweight jacket than a lot of other Schnayderman’s overshirts, and for that very reason, you can wear it whenever or wherever you like.

Welcome In A New Era Of Wireless Earphones:  Meters Tan M-Ears Wireless Earphones

We’ve all come to accept that nothing quite beats the convenience and portability of in-ear headphones – especially when it comes to commuting or hitting the gym. But, if you think about it, the best in-ear headphones aren’t usually the ones you get free in the box with your new phone. Paying for a pair will not only elevate your music to a whole new levels of audio fidelity but they’ll be a lot easier to use too. These new Meters Wireless Earphones are the perfect alternative, and offer a coup when it comes to audio quality for its affordable £100 price tag. Complete with superior HD without any physical connection to your device, the wireless headphones offer some of the best sounding earphone around. Plus, when they are not in use, the simple magnetic design ensures they’ll stay safely in one place and avoid that daily ritual of you thinking you’ve lost them again.

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5 things 3

A Must-Read This Winter: Phaidon Jean Prouve Architect for Better Days Book

Biographies don’t all have to be first-person filled idiosyncratic texts that you labour through just because you feel you have to. They can also be filled with anecdotes, pictures and interesting stories into the person in mind, like this Better Days book which takes an in-depth look into the life and times of Jean Prouve and his prefabricated houses. Jean Prouvé was a French metal worker, self-taught architect, and designer, now regarded as one of the most influential designers of the early modernist movement. Among his achievements, he is revered for using technology previously limited to industrial manufacturing within his elegant architecture. You’ll learn a lot reading this.

Elevate Your Everyday: Ally Capellino Dark Brown Fin Waxed Cotton Utility Backpack

Ally Capellino’s unique mix or quirky and quality design is on displays in this luxurious new update of the Utility Backpack. The most dependable backpack in the entire Ally Capellino collection, the Utility Backpack features a signature wide-top opening and a fully water-resistant premium cotton body for added durability. What’s more, the bag’s understated tonal design marries the water-resistant body with two large side pockets and leather buckle down flaps, while the padded back, reinforced base and adjustable webbing straps add a touch of sophistication to the entire silhouette.

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